Education IT Tips
by Sabrina Lee

Brightspace is our Learning Management System, which serves as a central resource for online medical education content and computer-based learning activities. Log in with your Kerberos ID and password. Once logged in, click the down arrow next to your name and select Notifications to adjust your email notification preferences.

iPad Program

NYU School of Medicine provides an iPad mini to all medical students. This program, made possible with the generous support of MCIT, facilitates easy access to educational and clinical mobile resources.

Find My iPad: While AirWatch mobile device management allows for a remote wipe of your device in case of loss or theft, we strongly encourage you to enable Find My iPad so you may see your iPad on a map in case it goes missing. Find more details here. As a reminder, please take practical precautions to keep your iPad secure!

NYULMC Email: If you haven’t previously set up NYULMC email for another iOS mobile device, you need to enable ActiveSync before email will work on your iPad, even if you enroll in AirWatch. To enable ActiveSync for your account, please click here.

Find more information via the iPad Resources app on your iPad.

Health Science Library Mobile Resources
Visit this link for instructions to access licensed apps on your mobile device. This is also available through the Learner iPad Program as part of your App Catalog.
Password Reset
You can reset your password here. This reset applies to NYULMC email, Brightspace, and other Medical Center applications.
Self-Serve MCIT Tickets: Report Problems Online
Want to report a problem or request a service from MCIT? You can do that online. (Note this requires you to be on campus or using the VPN for remote access).
MCIT Cloud Drive by Box
Everyone at NYU Langone gets an online cloud drive. You can use it to store/share files, post videos and lectures for class, even serve simple web pages. This is the preferred method to share files at NYU Langone.

MCIT Software

Download free Keyserve software such as Microsoft Office, EndNote, SPSS, networked printer software (Student PaperCut), and others. You need to be ON CAMPUS (within the LMCmobile network) to do the initial installation and setup:

  • Log on to the MCIT Service Catalog
  • Click "Epic and other Applications & Software" under "Report a problem or request a service"
  • Click the desired link - e.g., Mac Software Downloads or PC Software Downloads (Self-Service)

Syncing Your Academic Schedule to Your Phone

Your personalized academic calendar can be synced to a mobile device (i.e. a calendar that shows only your sections and not that of the entire class). To subscribe, please:

  • Log into Brightspace.
  • Review this guide on the Brightspace Calendar:
  • Follow the prompts on the guide above, then copy and paste the desired link in the appropriate settings screen of your smartphone. Please note that you'll need to subscribe to this URL, not simply click it: if you do not subscribe, you'll only see a snapshot of your schedule as it stands at the time that you clicked on it and may miss important updates.

Lecture Capture and Online Lecture Videos

We are using a new YouTube-like platform called VBrick to access recorded lecture content online. Each module site in Brightspace has a purple button to the lectures recorded for that module. Lectures are made available within 48 hours; generally every effort is made to make them available as soon as possible within that timeframe.

Offerings from our ITS colleagues at NYU Washington Square

These are free services available to those in the NYULMC community who have an NYU NetID. Note that the NetID is the NYU Washington Square ID and likely has a different password from your NYULMC Kerberos ID. Not everyone at NYULMC has such an ID. More here about the NetID:

NYU Web publishing:
Powered by the WordPress blog system, Web Publishing provides an easy way for current faculty, staff and students to create a website or blog using predefined design themes and plugins.

NYU Sites:
This service provides collaborative space for web content creation that is easy to use, update, access and share via NYU Sites, part of NYU Google Apps for Education.

Free Microsoft Office 365: If you have activated your email (available for life to alumni and to active students/faculty/staff who have a NetID), you can get Microsoft Office for free. NYU School of Law has put together instructions here (these instructions work for anyone with an active netID that is part of the NYU community).