Remote Teaching Methods, Tools, and How-To Guides
by So Young Oh

This site provides a series of resources and guides to help educators use digital tools to teach and assess classes, small groups, and individual learners remotely.

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Online Teaching How-To Guides and Resources
12 Tips for Managing Online Remote Teaching
From delivering lectures to managing a flipped classroom, online learning allows educators to provide interactive remote teaching. Here are some tips to run your online remote teaching sessions.
How To Design A Flipped Classroom Experience
The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed. Educators provide students with didactic lectures (word documents, PDFs, journal articles, online learning modules, or pre-recorded videos) to view at home, then devote real-time sessions to case analysis, problem solving, discussion, and Q&A.
Free or NYU Langone-Subscribed Resources Education Resource Catalog
You can see a list of free and NYU Langone-subscribed resources that are available to NYU Langone faculty and staff for teaching in medical education.
How to Quickly Get Started with Zoom
This quick start guide walks you through getting started with your NYU Langone Zoom account.
How to Conduct Collaborative Learning Using Zoom
A web-based breakout session enables educators to divide their main web-based meeting into sub-groups. Educators can use breakout sessions for running online Team-Based Learning (TBL) activities or multiple small-group discussions simultaneously. For example, during a 60-minute session, the entire class can follow the main lecture in a virtual room and after 20 minutes the class can be split into a number of smaller groups, each assigned to their own breakout room to work on a case or complete a problem-based learning exercise for another 20 minutes. For the final 20 minutes, the time spent in the breakout rooms can end with all students returning as a class to the original virtual lecture room where they can present their small group discussion and receive feedback.
How To Use Zoom Whiteboard and Annonation for Interactive Learning
The Zoom whiteboard will allow participants to annotate on a shared screen. You can also use annotation tools when sharing or viewing a whiteboard. The Zoom whiteboard feature will allow participants to share a whiteboard that the host and other participants (if allowed) can annotate on.
Create an Interactive Whiteboard for More Collaboration
Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard system developed by Google. Jamboard helps you create a collaborative whiteboard space where all participants can interact and annotate.
How To Deliver An Online Small Group Session Using Webex
Online learning tools can help educators and learners stay connected and engaged in synchronous and asynchronous ways. Small group sessions are not just about numbers, but rather teaching in a way where dialogue and collaboration is integral to learning.
How to Conduct Collaborative Learning Using Webex Training
A web-based breakout session helps educators split off their main web-based meeting into sub-groups.
Webex Teams
Install Webex Teams - chat, groups, and collaboration from MCIT
Sign in using your account and search for users in order to chat with fellow students, house staff, and colleagues
Recording Your Lecture Slides
How To Record Your Lecture Using Quicktime
This guide outlines the steps and resources needed in order to give a lecture to students remotely. You will be able to create a pre-recorded lecture video using QuickTime Player on Mac. When you are done recording your slides and lecture, you will be able to asynchronously share it with students.
How To Create A Narrated Lecture Video in PowerPoint
This guide outlines the steps and resources needed in order to give a lecture to students remotely. You will be able to record your lecture slides and distribute it online as a video using MS PowerPoint. When you are done recording your slides and lecture, you will be able to asynchronously share it with students.
Panopto Lecture Video Recording
The Panopto integration with Brightspace allows you to create new recordings, search for existing content, and share video links, all within Brightspace.
Brightspace Learning Management System
Brightspace How-To Guide
This guide includes various steps about How to Create Announcements, Manage Discussion Boards, User Management, and many more.
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