Educator Community Resources: Mentoring
by So Young Oh

The NYU School of Medicine’s Educator Community supports the faculty that lead and advance the education mission.

- Foster and recognize excellence in teaching and learning
- Coordinate NYU School of Medicine’s many existing educational offerings in a more effective manner
- Strengthen mechanisms that support the career advancement of medical educators
- Cultivate opportunities for interdisciplinary educational innovation and scholarship

Several great resources have been developed centrally by the Office of Mentoring and Faculty Development to support departments and faculty in the area of mentoring.

The Mentoring Toolbox
The Task Force on Mentoring has developed a ‘Faculty Mentoring Toolbox’ to aid in the launching and growth of successful mentoring programs on the departmental level. It is clear that when it comes to departmental mentoring programs one-size does not fit all; each department is unique in its size, its proportion of non tenure, tenure track, and tenured faculty, and in its core identity as basic science, clinical, or mixed. The contents therefore of the Faculty Mentoring Toolbox can be tailored to the needs of each department, with the result being an institution-wide mentoring initiative, whereby uniform elements are contained within programs customized on a departmental level.
Quick Guide to Mentoring
The Quick Guide to Mentoring provides general guidelines for mentoring tenure track and non-tenure track faculty. It broadly clarifies the mentoring process by citing frequently asked questions and answers by mentees and mentors. This is a snap shot of topics covered in depth in the “Faculty Mentoring Toolbox”, which should be consulted for more detailed information and recommendations.
Mentor Development Program (MDP)
The MDP is an interdisciplinary and interprofessional participant program that was developed with the goal of training individuals to become successful research and career mentors. This is achieved over a period of three months through seminars where peer coaching is facilitated and one-on-one interactions with coaches. Topics covered include Setting Expectations and Communications Challenges, Mentoring, Writing, Time and Team management, Setting Goals and Planning for Success. Participants must apply through a competitive application process that occurs annually.