Teaching With Technology
by So Young Oh

Courses and Apple Books on how to use technology to provide meaningful learner-centered education

Learner-centered Teaching With Technology
How to combine the science of education with informatics solutions?
Compass Learning Activity
Teaching with Technology: Design Your Online Curriculum
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Free Interactive Apple Books
The Institute for Innovations in Medical Education developed and published free interactive eBooks in the areas of teaching and learning skills. Apple Books are free to download on iOS devices.
e-Learning Cookbook by So-Young Oh on iBooks
From a simple podcast to a learning ecosystem, the effectiveness of e-learning materials is deeply linked to effective instructional design that entails meaningful application of educational strategies, appropriate use of multimedia, and efficient implementation planning. 
Active Learning in Medicine by So-Young Oh, MS, MA & Victoria Harnik, PhD on iBooks
What is active learning and how can it enhance medical education? This eBook highlights some of the ways in which experienced educators at the NYU School of Medicine design activities that engage our students.  Adopting  a broader interpretation of active learning, authors share examples of their active learning efforts throughout the undergraduate, graduate and continuing medical education curriculum. This eBook is a practical guide that will enable medical educators to:
Journal Articles
E-Learning with virtual teammates: A novel approach to interprofessional education.
PubMedJ Interprof Care., 2015
The Institute of Medicine identified interprofessional education (IPE) as a key innovation for achieving the triple aim of better care, better outcomes, and reduced healthcare costs. Yet, a shortage of qualified faculty and difficulty with aligning learners' schedules often prevent sustainable and scalable IPE. A virtual IPE intervention was developed to circumvent these barriers and compared to a blended-learning IPE intervention. We used a pre-test and post-test design with two comparison interventions to test the effects of these IPE interventions on changes in teamwork knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The interventions were delivered to pre-licensure learners at a large, metropolitan medical and a nursing school. We used one-sample and independent-sample t-tests to analyze data from 220 learners who received the blended-learning intervention in 2011 and 540 learners who received the virtual learning intervention in 2012. The students in the blended-learning intervention did not si