NYU3T Interprofessional Skills: Teaching, Technology, Teamwork

New York University School of Medicine, New York University College of Nursing
Principal Investigators: Marc M. Triola, M.D., Maja Djukic, Ph.D., R.N.
Purpose: to provide NYU medical and nursing students with longitudinal exposure to a diverse patient population and systematic interdisciplinary education in the competencies of team-based care.

The goals of NYU3T are to:

  • Create a physical and virtual environment that fosters physicians and nurses working together.
  • Develop a well-tested curriculum for interdisciplinary team training of health professionals.
  • Validate new methods and technologies to teach health professionals.
  • Create a large cadre of well-trained professionals competent in interdisciplinary team skills.

NYU3T Learning Activities

NYU3T students experience a longitudinal clinical experience including a curriculum on interdisciplinary, team-based healthcare delivery and interdisciplinary instruction using didactics, Virtual Patients, mannequin-based simulation, and web-based learning modules.