Learning Activites and Resources

Educator Resources

A Different Drummer
Brightspace Training
Coordinator Training: DEI Services
Demo: How to create your Mixtapes
Depression module
Emergency Ultrasound
Emergency Ultrasound.
Employee Relations
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Employment Law
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Evolving Role of HR
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Family and Patient-Centered Procedural Pain Management
Feature Demo
Flipped Classrrom: Create Your Pre-course Material
FM4: Embryology of the Arterial and Venous System
Foundation of Medicine 1
Hemodynamics _ DELETE
Merrin Derm - Unknown
NYU HR Boot Camp #2
NYU3T 1: Health Care History and Team Members' Training
NYU3T 2: Health Care Team Settings
NYU3T 3: Teams
NYU3T: Effective Communication Skills
Observation and Feedback
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Poster Creation
Psychosocial Aspects of Disasters
Reading Curriculum - CRC
Recurrent Abdominal Pain in a 35 y.o. female
RIME 4: M & E for Manager & Educator
RIME: Developing Integrated Clinical Skills
Smoking Cessation I: Introduction
Smoking Cessation II: Assessing Motivation to Quit
Smoking Cessation III: Increasing Motivation to Quit
Smoking Cessation IV: Assisting with Quitting
Smoking Cessation V: Guideline
Smoking Cessation VI: Summary
SP Rating Training: Introduction
Teaching with Technology: Design Your Online Curriculum
This 15-minute online learning module will provide medical educators with a step-by-step guideline and tools to design their own online and offline teaching session.
Teaching with Technology: Tips To Prepare Your Online Teaching
Teaching, Learning, and Technology in Medical Education Workshop: Feedback
Template 1
Template 2
Template 3
Test aching with Technology: Online Learning
Total Rewards
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