Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening


Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening has been created by:

Ming Tsai, M.D., Elizabeth Maxwell, Caroline Pessel, M.D., Erin Fitzgerald, Scarlett Phan, Dorice Vieira, Julio Garcia, Violetta Kraja, Sabrina Lee and So-Young Oh.

Copyright New York University 2009.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the immunological basis of Human Papillomavirus infection and the implication of the persistent infection on the pathogenesis of cervical cancer and pre-cancer.
Understand the basic concepts of viral immunization and the impact of the newly developed HPV vaccine as an effective strategy for the prevention of cervical cancer.
Understand the clinical rationale behind the cervical cytology screening.
Understand and be able to discuss with the patient the initial management of the abnormal pap smear.

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  • Ming Tsai