[Clerkship] Transfusion Reactions 1: Intro


Transfusions are common among hospitalized patients; there were roughly 15 million transfusions performed in the Unites States last year.  Although the process has improved dramatically since the major blood types were determined more than 100 years ago, significant complications are still encountered.  The current process of obtaining informed consent and labeling type & screen specimens may seem tedious but prevent severe reactions.
This series of modules will focus on the pathophysiology, recognition and treatment of each type transfusion reactions that you will likely encounter.  There is much detail in later sections that should be used as a resource.
Please refer to Chapter 107 of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine for a review.  This was the source for the content of these modules.
Special thanks to Drs. Gregory Mints, Jessica Jacobson, Tanping Wong, and Michael Brabeck who each made significant contributions to this module.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this series of modules, you will be able to:   Understand the importance of protocol in the hospital,
Utilize the information to obtain informed consent,
Recognize each type of transfusion reaction, and
React appropriately when confronted with one.

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