Employment Law


HR’s role is to ensure compliance with policies in order to protect the organization’s reputation, which can have a greater impact than costly litigation. Participants will gain insights on preventing, identifying and managing employee issues that have potential legal concerns. This comprehensive and interactive program includes up-to-date information on employment laws and cases defining employer-employee rights and obligations, and practical implications of laws in day-to-day operations (e.g., managing employee performance, appropriate workplace behaviors, attendance and leaves, and talent management).

Learning Objectives:

1. Outline and apply a framework for identifying potential legal issues and the relationship between employment law and organizational policies.
2. Identify the basic principles of federal, state and local workplace laws and requirements.
3. Recognize HR best practices to prevent, assess, and manage realistic workplace issues and policy violations.

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About this activity:
This activity was orginally created on: July 17, 2016
  • Jason Melillo
  • Juan Barrientos
  • Randy Parker
  • D.H. Goodall
  • Allison Zdunczyk
  • Janet Rizzuto