Total Rewards


Attracting, engaging and retaining employees is a critical focus for every organization. Understanding the crucial components of compensation and benefits and ways in which they impact employees is an important consideration to effectively communicate and offset issues and concerns. Recognizing the link between Total Rewards and other HR practices such as performance management and talent management prepares the HR practitioner to consider how to optimize organizational and individual success through rewards and incentives. There’s an art to building a total rewards strategy aligned to the business goals as well as attracting and keeping top talent.

Learning objectives for this Activity:

1. Provide an overview of how Total Rewards and the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can help organizations achieve their objectives.

2. Provide a framework for discussing the value and cost of Total Reward elements to the organization and stakeholders.

3. Understand the link and importance of Total Rewards to drive performance and engagement.

4. Explore implications of different strategies and choices for the organization and stakeholders.

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