High Performing Cultures


Of all the functions within an organization, HR is one of the most influential in aligning cultural norms and values to drive a high performance culture to deliver long-term business success. Creating an environment where employees are highly engaged through talent, performance and total rewards practices requires an understanding of what culture is and how it affects the attitudes and beliefs of employees. In this module, we will explore the wide array of tools and practices and interventions HR Professionals have at their disposal to shape, nurture and sustain a high performance culture. We will get an insiders look at how the different HR practices create synergy to support and reinforce the organizational and group-level culture. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand role of culture and subcultures in organizations and how they can be leveraged and aligned for high performance.
2. Understand HR’s role as the guardian of organizational culture.
3. Understand the HR tools, processes and initiatives that can be implemented to build and sustain a high performance culture.

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About this activity:
This activity was orginally created on: July 17, 2016
  • Jason Melillo
  • Juan Barrientos
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  • D.H. Goodall
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