Evolving Role of HR


Traditionally, HR has focused on these first two areas – organizational/employee advocate and compliance.  These areas remain important, perhaps even more so given the attention being focused on issues such as employee well-being as well as today’s increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment. At the same time, there is greater emphasis today on the latter two areas: HR professionals are expected to demonstrate functional/technical excellence in terms of developing and implementing a people strategy that aligns with and supports organizational goals.  Also, HR professionals are expected to serve as advisors to the business – working with line management to solve business challenges. Influence is a critical skill for HR professionals. When done well it will positively engage leaders, employees and peers, build trust and foster relationships, all intended to create a productive workplace.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand how HR role evolved, what must the HR practitioner and organization do differently and why?
2. Explore the future drivers that will continue to evolve HR and how HR can prepare to respond.
3. Understand importance of influencing skills in driving forward HR excellence in the organization.

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This activity was orginally created on: July 15, 2016
  • Jason Melillo
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