Pharmacokinetics (optional)


 How would you determine a drug dosage and regimen in a patient under your care?

Understanding the basic principles of Pharmacokinetics will provide you with the knowledge for answering this question.
The presentation is divided into chapters that allow for viewing the presentation in sequence during the first run through and in subsequent visits, viewing specific chapters for review.

Once you have mastered the principles of Pharmacokinetics presented, you are requested to solve the problems found in your handbook and be prepared to present your results at the conference.

Learning objectives for this Activity:

1) How to reach an effective plasma concentration of a drug

2) How much and how often a drug should be given

3) How long it takes for a drug to reach a therapeutic steady state concentration

4) How dosing interval and half-life of the drug effect maximal and minimal plasma concentrations

5) Bolus dosing

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