Connective Tissue - Mature Bone

This module will examine the histology of mature bone. 

Content authors:
  • Edith Robbins
Module direction:
  • Victoria Harnik
  • Mel Rosenfeld
  • Gregory Dorsainville

Learning objectives for this Activity:

At the completion of this module, you will be able to:
1. Describe the structural and functional differences between compact and spongy bone; describe the components of bone matrix and collagen orientation

2. Name the cell types found in bone tissue and describe their functions

3. Describe and identify in sections: compact bone, lacunae, osteons, interstitial lamellae, periosteum, endosteum, circumferential lamellae, canaliculi, bone trabeculae (spicules), resorption tunnels

4. Describe how a new osteon is formed during compact bone remodeling

5. Describe both compact and trabecular bone in osteoporosis

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